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Regional Comprehensive Plans for Chestnuthill, Jackson, Eldred, Ross, and Polk Townships Updated in 2015

The maps are digital copies of official documents, they may not be exact duplicates, they are provided for your convenience, official documents are available for review at the Township office.

Be advised all maps are in PDF format

Full Regional Comprehensive Plan

Regional Comprehensive Plan for Chestnuthill, Jackson, Eldred, Ross, and Polk Townships. Updated as of 2015

Existing Land Use (Fig 5.1)

View the map for existing land use 


Zoning (Fig 5.2)

Find the map for composite existing zoning 

Agriculture (Fig 6.1)

Review the map for agricultural resources 


Future Land Use (Fig 6.2)

View the future land use plans  


Vacant Agricultural Forest (Fig 6.3)

Find the agricultural, forest, and vacant parcels 50 acres or greater map 


Transportation (Fig 8.1)

Review the transportation plan 

Sewer (Fig 14.1)

View the sewage treatment plants map  

Water (Fig 14.2)

Find the water systems map 

Scenic (Fig 15.1)

Review the scenic resources and challenges map 

Natural Features (Fig 16.1)

View the natural areas and features map 

Historic Resources (Fig 16.2)

Find the historic resources 

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