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The Pennsylvania State Constable 

The Office of State Constable - Chestnuthill Township, is committed to providing enhanced service to our community, through sponsorship of various kinds of crime prevention initiatives. Constables serve the District Court System by serving Civil Process, Landlord/Tenant complaints (evictions), Protection From Abuse Orders and Warrants of Arrest. Constables are also required to appear at the polling places during each election, where they are charged with keeping the peace at the polls, and ensuring that every registered voter is allowed the opportunity to place his or her vote safely. Constables also perform various other services for the District Justice as Prisoner Transports, Investigations and Courtroom Security.

What is a Constable?

Constables are Peace Officers who after mandated training and certifications, are authorized to arrest for certain crimes and breaches of the peace, anywhere within the boundaries of the Commonwealth. Constables are Public Officials, elected (or appointed) to their positions in accordance with the laws of elections.  each Municipality in Pennsylvania has one or a number of Constables  allotted. Constables are mandated to 80 hours of training before they are "certified" to serve the District Court  System and are mandated to attend a minimum of 20 hours updated training in civil and criminal laws per year. Constables who carry a firearm while on duty are also required to attend extensive additional training to become  "firearm"  certified, these certifications must be updated annually at various Pennsylvania Commission on Crimes and Delinquency approved Criminal Justice Institutions.

Contact the Constable: 

Brad Mann: Judicial District 43 
Address: PO Box 961, Effort PA, 18330
Office: 570-656-2738

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