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Chestnuthill Township Road Department

Chestnuthill Township's Road Department covers over 150 miles of Township Roads. The Road Department plays a pivotal role in maintaining the communities within Chestnuthill Township. The Road Department is responsible for maintaining the roads in various functions such as snow plowing and removal, road drainage, road paving and painting, road patching, street sweeping, street signs, and many other necessary roles.

David Scheller



Dave Scheller - Road Master

Employment Responsibilities: The Roadmaster is responsible for planning, scheduling, assigning and supervising all Township road projects. The Roadmaster must supervise, organize, and delegate appropriate tasks to the Township road crew. They are required to competently operate dump trucks, snow plows, loaders, and all other types of machinery that are associated with road construction and maintenance. The Roadmaster is required for budgeting and managing all the monies that are designated for construction and maintenance of roads.


Office: 570-992-7247

Fax: 570-992-2225

Email: [email protected]

Ryan Schlogl - Data Coordinator


Education: B.S. Geography, with a Concentration in Urban Planning; Bloomsburg University, 2014. 

Employment Responsibilities: 

This employee is responsible to act in the role of assisting the Township Roadmaster, and the Township Manager. Including but not limited to creating monthly budget/time reports for the Road Department, keeping maintenance files for Township vehicles and equipment, and mapping.

Office: 570-992-7247 

Fax: 570-992-2225

Email: [email protected]

Ryan Schlogl



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