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Chestnuthill Township 2024 Community Calendar Photo Submission

Chestnuthill Township is pleased to present the following Photography Submission Guidelines for the 2024 Community Calendar. Please read and follow the guidelines below when submitting your photos for inclusion in the 2024 Chestnuthill Township Community Calendar.

General Guidelines: 

The larger the photo, the better. Higher resolution, greater image dimensions and larger file sizes help make your photo more suitable to appear in a print medium like the Community Calendar.

We are looking for photos that highlight the natural beauty of Chestnuthill Township. 

Photos must be in a JPG/JPEG file format and file sizes should be no larger than 15MB. Assistance will be provided for individuals who would like to drop off their photographs for submission at the Township Municipal Building.

Images should be 300 dpi or greater and be taken in a horizontal orientation.


The final date for submitting photos for the 2023 Community Calendar is September 30, 2023. If your photo is selected for inclusion in the Chestnuthill Township Community Calendar, you will receive credit for the photograph within the 2024 Calendar.

Contact Us:

If you have any additional questions about submitting your photo for the 2024 Community Calendar, please contact us at [email protected].

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Submit Your Photos: 

Please email your photos to [email protected], be sure to attach your photo and include your full name, phone number and location of the photo in your email.

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