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The CERT program is a community-based program targeted at community residents. This program is designed to teach neighborhood volunteers safety measures and basic emergency skills for use during crisis situations. 

The CERT organizational structure was developed because there is a need to provide effective communication among agency personnel, a well-defined management structure, and accountability. This structure also affords the opportunity to use common terminology among the agencies, as well as, the consolidation of various action plans that coordinate strategic goals, tactical objectives, and support activities. 

It should be remembered that each citizen needs to play a role in planning for emergencies by preparing their homes and educating their families. Below you will find some downloadable information pamphlets that can help you to prepare for emergencies. Remember, planning now can save a lot later – maybe even your life.


What is Emergency Management?

 Emergency management involves planning for, and dealing with all types of emergencies that may occur in the township and surrounding areas. These may include natural disasters such as fires, floods, snowstorms, hurricanes, tornados and earthquakes as well as man-made or technological events such as hazardous materials releases, power outages and even acts of terrorism.

Emergency Management Coordinator

It is the job of the township’s Emergency Management Coordinator, working cooperatively with the various emergency service agencies, to minimize the potential loss of life and property damage through proper planning and response to emergencies. For this reason, all municipalities in the Commonwealth are required to have in place a comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). The Emergency Management Agencies of Chestnuthill, Ross Township, Polk Township and Eldred Township have developed a joint EOP for the West End of Monroe County. All four municipalities have  entered into written agreements to provide aid to one another in times of crisis. You can contact the Emergency Management Coordinator with the information below: 

Eric Hoffman 
Phone: 570-992-7247
In Case Of An Emergency:
Dial 911

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