West End Parks & Open Space Commission

The West End Parks and Open Space Commission (WEPOSC) meetings are on the second Wednesday of every month. They are held at 6:30 PM in the Chestnuthill Township Park Building. During these sessions, WEPOSC discusses current and future park plans, events and activities. The discussions will pertain to Chestnuthill and Ross Township Parks and  the West End Regional Park. To find out more about WEPOSC click here.

WEPOSC Members

Chris Doerbecker - Chairman (Ross Township)

John T. Mathews - Vice-Chairman (Chestnuthill Township)

Tina Drake - Secretary (Ross Township)

Chris Thompsett - Treasurer (Chestnuthill Township)

Melanie Zipp - (PVSD)

Eric Snyder (Chestnuthill Township) 

James Zahoroiko - Alternate (Ross Township)