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Silver Valley Bridge Replacement

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UPDATE 10/16/20:

The Bridge Replacement has been completed and Silver Valley Road is now open.


UPDATE 9/3/20:

The Bridge Replacement is currently underway and on track to be completed by the fall of this year. Check out the pictures of the bridge replacement progress above.

UPDATE 1/7/20:

Geologic & hydro-geologic studies, wetland analysis, surveying and design have all been completed for the Silver Valley Bridge. Permitting, rights of way/ easements, utility relocation, and request for bids are all underway, weather permitting the demolition and new construction should begin in June of this year, with the bridge being completed by late fall 2020.

UPDATE 7/2/19:

The Township has submitted the recommended grant application for the project and are awaiting notification of award. Additionally, we have hired a consultant to do the wetlands study and are hiring a geologist to complete a geo-technical analysis.

UPDATE 2/11/19:

The Silver Valley Road Bridge was declared unsafe to traverse by PennDOT on December 29th, 2018. Following that declaration the Township immediately closed the roadway. In order to ensure a viable roadway system the Silver Valley Bridge Replacement was deemed a top priority infrastructure project and measures are currently underway to replace the bridge and reopen the roadway. Those measures include working with engineers to design and permit the replacement bridge and discussing potential funding sources with elected state officials all in order to open the roadway as soon as possible. A grant suggested by State Officials has a deadline of July 31st, 2019 and we are preparing a competitive application to reduce the costs to the residents.

UPDATE 12/29/18:

Please be advised that Silver Valley Rd is closed 0.5 mi north of the intersection of SR209 until further notice. The Detour is SR715 to Cottontail Ln. We will update and maintain this news feed as the project moves forward and more information becomes available.

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